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Score yourself against 20 Success Factors in B2B Selling

The B2B Selling Health Check is based on the Success Factors of successful Sales People in over 2,000 Infoteam customers globally. In just 20 minutes you can get a snapshot of how good your sales approach is.

A. If you consider yourself a Sales Person, answer the questions on your own approach to selling.

B. If you have a different role, please answer the questions based on your observations of how the Sales Team performs.

The 20 Success Factors are presented as questions designed to challenge you and your sales team's approach.

Each Success Factor has a question and is supported by ideas on best practice and further learning resources.

You can view a summary of the questions and your answers at the end. 


The B2B Selling Health Check uses website cookies to save your answers to each question and won't work on a private/incognito window or browsers that don't allow cookies. 

For the best experience, we recommend using a standard browser window on a desktop/laptop computer.