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Solution Modules

We help B2B sales organisations succeed by demonstrating their professionalism and leveraging their sales process as a competitive differentiator.
Sales DNA Analysis

Sales DNA provides leaders with an "ideal sales success profile" against which to compare the current skill level of their team.

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Initiating New Business

INB improves the effectiveness of salespeople's lead generation activities and their ability to fill the pipeline with qualified opportunities. 

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Winning Complex Sales

WCS is a pragmatic, time-tested method for managing complex sales opportunities.

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Managing Strategic Accounts

MSA provides a systematic approach for strengthening your relationship and growing the business with key accounts and partners.

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Closing Deals Profitably

CDP supports business professionals to prepare and execute sales negotiations successfully. 

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Transformation Services

Transformation Services maximise the return on investment by ensuring that the concepts are implemented well in daily business. 

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Self-Service Refreshers

Online videos and infographics  allow salespeople to reinforce their understanding of the concepts at any time after the classroom training.

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Roadmap Software

Roadmap software is a cloud-based product suite which reinforces Infoteam's sales methodology in daily business. 

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Sales Leadership Enablement

SLE focuses on the manager/coach role in a sales performance improvement program.

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Sales managers and sales professionals are accredited for their successful implementation of the program concepts.

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