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Motivating prospects to want to meet you is the toughest part of the sales process. Identifying the right companies and people to approach, and tailoring your communication to their specific needs, is challenging. The concepts in the Identification Phase show you how to organise your targeting activities more effectively.

Getting Started

Getting Started describes 3 key things you could do to generate more leads: How to identify the right companies to approach, the right person to target, and how to find a topic that will motivate them to want to meet you.

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Sales Process

What are the differences between a good sales process and doing what a customer asks you to do? Learn about the pitfalls of submitting a price too early and how to make your sales approach a competitive differentiator.

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Prospect Meetings

How can you make the most of the precious minutes you have in front of a prospect to uncover needs and create a desire for your solution? Learn how to prepare and conduct prospect meetings and make first impressions count.

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Meeting Summary

Is it enough to write a polite “thank you” mail after a first meeting? Learn how a good meeting summary helps to develop trust and gets the sales process under control.

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Before diving into a new sales opportunity at full speed, it’s important to make an intelligent GO/NO GO decision, define a competitive strategy and an action plan to address identified issues. “Stop and Think before you Act” – that’s what the Qualification Phase is all about.

Opportunity Qualification

How can you focus limited resources on the right sales opportunities? Learn why a clear set of qualification criteria is required to make intelligent GO/NO GO decisions and make the best use of your selling time.

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Opportunity Roadmap

The purpose of an Opportunity Roadmap is to uncover strengths and areas of concern in a complex sale. The tool helps team members to quickly understand the current situation and brainstorm new ideas to win the sale.

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Competitive Strategy

What do you do when your competitor is in a stronger position than you? Should you try to convince the customer about the strengths of your solution? Are there other options? Learn about how to define and implement the best competitive strategy.

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Mutually Agreed Action Plan

How can you present your sales process in a way that makes sense to customers? A Mutually Agreed Action Plan positions your sales process as a professional project plan and ensures alignment between your activities and the customer’s buying process.

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Buying Center

To win more sales, it is critical to identify and gain access to the key players involved in the decision-making process and tailor your value propositions to each individual’s needs – before you submit a proposal. Learn how to complete these critical activities and how a Coach can help you.

Buying Center Analysis

Experience shows that lack of a relationship with key-decision makers is the real reason for losing in 8 out of 10 cases. Learn about the importance of correctly identifying the Buying Center and the risks of focusing only on your supporters.

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Understanding Customer Needs

Before you can develop a value proposition, you first need to understand key stakeholder needs. What is each person trying to achieve with the project from a corporate perspective? Which criteria do they use to select the best vendor and solution? What personal goals need to be considered?

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Developing Coaches

In complex sales, it is often difficult to identify who is involved in the decision-making process, and understand the internal politics of the customer organisation. You need a Coach to figure this all out. Learn how to develop a Coach by building trust.

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Individual Value Propositions

The goal of an Individual Value Proposition is to ensure that each key decision-maker feels well understood and is motivated to buy from you. If there are many decision-makers, you might need to develop multiple individual value propositions – one size does not fit all.

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Learn what customers expect from a proposal presentation and support their internal communication with a one-page summary and a business case. Also consider how to respond if the opportunity was initiated by an unexpected request for proposal.

Request for Proposal

Why not just respond to a Request for Proposal? Because often RFP’s are used to benchmark the pricing and performance of an existing supplier. Learn how to adapt your sales process in these challenging situations to take the incumbent supplier by surprise.

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Deal One-Pager

What if you don’t have access to the final decision-makers? What if your main contact presents your solution to them? Will your message get through the way you would have presented it? Learn how a Deal One-Pager can help you avoid these risky situations.

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Business Case

Learn how a Business Case helps to justify the investment in your solution, accelerates the buying decision and focuses the customer on value rather than price.

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Proposal Presentation

What do customers expect of a Proposal Presentation? What are the most common mistakes made? Learn what makes a presentation good and why avoiding objections is much more effective than handling them.

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So you have executed an excellent sales process and convinced all decision makers. But now purchasing wants to talk. Learn how to prepare for that conversation and gather input after each decision to continually improve your sales process.

Closing Deals Profitably

What should you do when you get a call from procurement to “talk” about your proposal? How can you defend your price? Learn how to prepare and execute a negotiation strategy to protect the value created during your sales process.

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Win-Loss Analysis

Learn how to conduct more effective win and loss reviews with the customer to identify what you do well and what you need to change.

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The most important thing for the customer is delivery – fulfilling the promises you made them during the sales process. But here we talk about your implementation – what you need to do to integrate the concepts from these scribbles into your daily work. Also what type of Mind Set is required to continuously become better at selling.

Making it Stick

What do leaders need to do to maximise their return on investment in a sales transformation project? How can technology support the change? And how should the concepts be coached to implement quickly and sustain impact?

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Sales Mind Set

Great salespeople have many attributes which contribute to their success – but self-reflection and the desire to be challenged are two of the most important. Learn about the mind set required to continuously become better in selling.

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