Infoteam Consulting

Make your sales process a competitive advantage

Imagine you had a predictable sales forecast. Imagine your customers describing your sales team as professional. Imagine your company gets its own way of selling – so good it differentiates you and gives you real competitive advantage. Image that sales training has a fast and sustained impact on business results.

Infoteam has helped over 2,000 CEOs and Sales Leaders at some of the world’s most respected companies to generate and win new business. We’ve identified how their customers define good selling and created a sales process accordingly. The result?

  • Establish trust faster
  • Win more deals
  • More reliable sales forecast
  • Better account penetration
  • Fast and sustained impact
  • Make sales a differentiator – a real competitive advantage.

How you sell is why you win.

Most companies carefully research what customers expect of their products and services, but few, if any, ask customers what they expect of their salespeople. They design their sales process based on assumptions about what’s important for their customers without knowing what really matters.

Infoteam has taken a different approach to sales process improvement by interviewing more than 800 customer executives to understand what really matters to them. We have incorporated the findings into our programs to help B2B sales organisations succeed by demonstrating their professionalism and leveraging their sales process as a competitive differentiator.

Founded in 1990, Infoteam has worked for more than 1.800 clients around the globe to create and implement a business-to-business sales process that helps their organisation stand apart from competitors and win more business. Headquartered near Zürich, with coverage across Europe, Asia and North America, our consultants work in 15 languages, helping clients in all major business sectors.