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Successful Remote Pitching

Posted by Philip Kreindler on 02-May-2020 06:59:14

Are your proposal presentations now delivered remotely? I've developed this checklist to help you create, dry-run and reflect on your performance.
1. With which words do we want the customer to describe your pitch?
2. Is there a strong storyline throughout the presentation?
3. Who is the moderator, is everyone’s role in the presentation/project clear?
4. Are you using the customer’s terminology and words?
5. Which parts are boring? Which questions could you ask to make it interactive?
6. Which sentences/words come across negatively?
7. What are your differentiators? How well does the customer experience them?
8. Do you come across as a strong team (or as a bunch of individuals)?
9. Do you feel everyone’s passion to help the customer achieve their goals?
10. Which critical questions could be asked? Who will answer them and how?
11. Do you communicate individual value propositions for the key stakeholders?
12. Is the presentation content consistent with your management summary?
13. What still needs to be improved to achieve your aspiration (question 1)

Wishing you a successful pitch!