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Transformation Services

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Transformation Services maximise the return on investment by ensuring that the concepts are implemented well in daily business. The following examples illustrate how we go beyond training to achieve real change.

Deal Pit-Stops

  • Objective: Advance the sales process in key deals and enable managers to improve coaching
  • Ongoing face-to-face or virtual sessions following Winning Compex Sales workshops
  • Mechanism to monitor methodology implementation by salespeople and managers

Funnel Reviews

  • Objective: Review the number, quality and progress of deals in sales funnel
  • Ongoing face-to-face or virtual sessions following Initiating New Business workshops
  • Enables managers to review pipelines more effectively and focus on demand generation

Best Practice Sharing

  • Objective: Improve performance by identifying and sharing best practices
  • Facilitated weekly 1-hour virtual sessions to share excellent examples of method application
  • Strengthens and accelerates the adoption of the methodology by the sales team
  • Provides evidence of implementation progress

Booster Sessions

  • Objective: Maintain high performance by refreshing workshop concepts
  • 1-day workshop with one-to-one coaching sessions for each participant
  • Identification of individual challenges and action plan to overcome them
  • Confidence boost and coaching to promote use of concepts

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