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Closing Deals Profitably™

CDP supports business professionals to prepare and execute sales negotiations successfully. It combines pragmatic techniques and tools with the right negotiation behaviours to close and protect the profitability of the deal.

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Customer Issues

  • Procurement only focuses on price in negotiations
  • Salespeople make too big concessions without getting anything in return
  • Negotiations get emotional and people behave irrationally under pressure
  • Lack of understanding of what really brings value to the customer
  • Trying to use hard ball tactics to improve negotiation power

Solution Overview

  • A 2-day high-impact workshop to improve negotiation skills through systematic preparation and disciplined execution
  • A structured negotiation process and pragmatic toolkit (Negotiation Roadmap) to improve the effectiveness of individuals and teams
  • Application of methodology on upcoming negotiations at own customers
  • Implementation support through deal-coaching maximises business impact