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Self-Service Refreshers (SSR)

Experience shows that most sales organisations only implement a small portion of the concepts introduced in a training program. The concepts and tools most commonly used by salespeople are the ones they use immediately after a training event. The rest often get lost or forgotten, and thus never used. To help salespeople bridge this «memory gap» and help organisations maximise the business impact of their training investment we created Self-Service Refreshers (SSR).


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Customer Issues

  • Concepts which are not applied immediately after a workshop are quickly forgotten
  • Inconsistent understanding of core concepts hinders the establishment of a common language
  • In order to coach their team members managers expect that the concepts have been understood properly

Solution Overview

  • Delivered through Vimeo Films, Self-Service Refreshers allow salespeople to reinforce their understanding of all the key concepts from a workshop at any time after the classroom training
  • Films and infographics available for all core concepts (Winning Complex Sales, Initiating New Business, Closing Deals Profitably and Managing Strategic Accounts)
  • Access either through Roadmap Software or Infoteam Website