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Sales Leadership Enablement (SLE)

SLE focuses on the manager/coach role in a sales performance improvement program. Participants learn how to mobilise team members, achieve fast adoption, sustain impact on results, and a maximise return on investment.

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Customer Issues

  • Managers don’t lead the program effectively or integrate the concepts into daily business

  • Salespeople don’t see what’s in it for them, resulting in poor mobilisation

  • Lack of agreed cadence at the outset of the program

  • Focus is on control rather than making as many as possible as successful as possible

Solution Overview

  • Sales managers and other department heads learn how to mobilise their teams

  • Participants learn how to apply the concepts in the best way, for example in Opportunity and Win/Loss Reviews

  • Program risks are identified, for example internal barriers to change, as well as a strategy to overcome them

  • The cadence and accreditation criteria are defined to ensure a sustained impact