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Sales DNA Analysis™

Sales DNA provides leaders with an "ideal sales success profile" against which to compare the current skill level of their team. The sales assessment identifies skills gaps on which leaders can focus individual coaching, and helps design a customised sales performance improvement program. Subsequent Sales DNA Reviews track the progress of implementation.

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Customer Issues

  • Lack of a common definition of the competencies required to succeed in sales in your business environment
  • Ineffective people development and training, not focused on closing specific team and individual skill deficits
  • Costly recruiting mistakes because interviews are not based on a company-specific sales competency profile

Solution Overview

  • Development of a company-specific gene-chart outlining the sales competencies required for success
  • Individual scorecards – based on self- and management assessments – highlight skill gaps to be addressed
  • Sales Force Dashboard highlights organisational competency gaps and the focus for improvement
  • Sales Leader Enablement to coach more effectively and improve recruitment interviews