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Winning Complex Sales™

WCS is a pragmatic, time-tested method for managing complex sales opportunities. Working in opportunity teams, participants analyse their position in current deals and improve their strategy and action plan to win.

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Customer Issues

  • Deals are lost due to missing relationships with the real decision makers and a weak value proposition
  • Poor qualification leads to resources being wasted on the wrong opportunities
  • Sales process is not based on what customers think is important nor applied consistently across the team
  • Mistakes are repeated because there is little learning from wins and losses

Solution Overview

  • 1-day program for sales leaders to preview concepts, prepare to coach in the workshop and implement the method
  • Customisation of tools and examples, such as ideal sales process, forecast and qualification criteria
  • 2-day sales team workshop to analyse current sales opportunities and improve strategy and action plan
  • Implementation support to ensure fast, sustained, measurable impact on business results